SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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November 2015

Kick-Off Interreg V-A & Final Event 2007-13

The Cross-Border-Cooperation Programme Slovakia - Austria would like to invite you to join the
Final Event 2007-2013
and the
Kick-Off Event for the Programme Interreg V-A Slovakia - Austria 2014-2020

both held on November 19 2015, starting from 10 a.m.
at the Hotel Bratislava****

For more detailed information we provide the following links:

Official invitation (in German and Slovak):

Address: Seberíniho 9, 821 03 Bratislava

Registration form (in German and Slovak):

We kindly ask you to register until latest November 10 2015!

October 2015

European Cooperation Day 2015 - Commissioner Crețu visits Vienna and Wolfsthal

  On September 21, 2015, the European Cooperation Day, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Crețu visited two cross-border projects in Eastern Austria.

Commissioner Crețu was joined by State Secretary Sonja Steßl on her first stop at the project SEDDON (SEDiment research and -management at the Danube River), where she was invited to initiate the flooding of a channel between the river Danube and the Danube Channel which the project recently constructed for research purposes at the press of a button.
Afterwards, Commissioner Crețu went to see the kindergarten in the Austrian town Wolfsthal close to the Slovakian border, where she was welcomed by Pavol Frešo, the governor of Bratislava, Barbara Schwarz, member of the province government, and Mayor Gerhard Schödinger, as well as by the kindergarten's children, 70% of whom are Slovakian. There, in the past years the project IB-KSP implemented lively exchange visits with kindergartens in Slovakia and playful language learning in accordance with specifically designed teaching materials.

Herself having experienced borders as barriers in her childhood, Crețu chose this day to launch a EU-wide public consultation on the topic 'Overcoming obstacles in border regions', which all citizens are invited to participate in. The consultation's objective is to distinguish remaining obstacles that need to be removed in order to make everyday life and living together as free of trouble –and barriers– as possible.

Photos: Archive of MPRV SR


> Public consultation "Overcoming obstacles in border regions"

July 2015

The new programme has been approved!

The new cooperation programme Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020 was approved on July 28 2015 by the European Commission.

November 29 2013

'Freiheitsbrücke' ranked 2nd in the Slovak contest "Construction of the year 2013"

One of our projects, Cyclomost II, the new bicyclist bridge between Bratislava´s district Devínska Nová Ves and Schlosshof on the Austrian side was ranked 2nd in the contest 'Construction of the year 2013'. Congratulations!

For more information (in Slovak) on the contest click here.

18th Monitoring Committee: 4 projects approved

November 25 2013

The 18th Monitoring Committee was held on November 21 2013 in Trnava. The results were as follows: Of the 5 projects submitted 4 were approved and 1 was rejected.

In this programming periode, there will be no more project selection rounds. New applications will not be accepted until the next funding period.

The first call for projects can probably be expected in summer/fall 2014.

October 2013

For future payment requests, lead and project partners are asked to use new forms. These new forms can be found as zip files in our German and Slovak download section in the respective languages.

In case you have questions concerning the new forms, please contact the responsible project manager in the JTS.

17th Monitoring Committee: 4 projects approved

June 12 2013

The 17th Monitoring Committee was held on June 10 and 11 2013 in Hainburg, Lower Austria. The results were as follows: Of the 7 projects submitted 4 were approved, 1 was put on hold and 2 were rejected.

The next Monitoring Committee will presumably be held on November 21 and 22 2013. The deadline for this application round ends on October 4 2013.

European Cooperation Day 2013 – Poster contest for children and adolescents

June 5 2013

On September 21 2013 and in the surrounding week European Cooperation Day will be celebrated throughout Europe for the second time. To mark this occasion, INTERACT Point Vienna is organising a poster contest open to children and adolescents aged 16 and under. The theme of the posters should be “Sharing borders, growing closer” or “Working together for a better Europe”. The best posters will be displayed at a public exhibition in Vienna on the weekend of September 21 and the top three poster designers will win prize packs.

Poster contest announcement
Entry form

15th Monitoring Committee: 10 projects approved

December 17 2012

The 15th Monitoring Committee was held on December 11 and 12 2012 in Vienna. The results were as follows: Of the 18 projects submitted 10 were approved, 4 were put on hold and 4 were rejected.

The next Monitoring Committee will presumably be held on June 11 and 12 2013. The deadline for this application round ends on April 10 2013.

9th Lead and Project Partner seminar
October 8 2012

On October 3 2012 the Lead and Project Partner Seminar took place in the conference room of the district administration of the 8th district in Vienna. 30 representatives of all together 7 projects were present as well as the JTS, the first level control and the regional bodies. The project beneficiaries were counseled regarding the next important steps towards a successful implementation of the projects.

The presentations of both first level control and JTS are available for download (Slovak and German).

Cyclomost II - Opening

13. august 2012

The project Cyklomost was financed from the EU-Program for Cross Border Cooperation Slovakia - Austria 2007 - 2013. The new bridge connects Bratislava’s city part Devínska Nová Ves and Schlosshof. In the frame of this and other projects also the network of cycle paths close to river March/Morava will be upgraded and improved. The new border crossing over March/Morava closes a major gap in the network of cycle paths and is an impetus for the growing cross-border cycle tourism.

The bridge between Devínska Nová Ves and Schlosshof is open for the public since August 11, 2012. The official opening of the bridge is scheduled for September 22, 2012.

"Europe in my Region" Photo Competition
July 12, 2012

Would you like to win up to €1,000 worth of digital camera equipment, plus a trip for two to Brussels? Take part in the 'Europe in my Region' photo competition this summer!

The competition will be hosted on the European Commission’s Facebook page. Participants will be invited to enter photos in two categories:

- 'My Project', open to organisations that have benefited from EU regional funding (ie from the European Regional Development Fund or the Cohesion Fund).

- 'Eyewitness', open to anyone living in the EU who spots a project either in their region or when visiting another region.

For more informaton visit the European Commission’s Facebook page.

Kick-Off Forum on 19 June 2007 in Bratislava

The City of Vienna, Managing Authority for the Future Cross-border Cooperation Programme Slovakia-Austria 2007-2013, organised a Kick-Off Forum for the Programme on 19 June 2007 in Bratislava. A total of 107 participants attended the forum, ranging from local to national authorities involved in the programme or as future project applicants.

The symbolic kick-off was a ride on river Danube with the Twin City Liner, co-funded by INTERREG funds, from Vienna to Bratislava. In the Hotel Danube in Bratislava the participants were welcomed by Walther Stöckl, (City of Vienna), and by official representatives from the Austrian Embassy and the Slovak Ministry of Construction and Regional Development.

The following presentations of the programme stakeholders gave a comprehensive overview on the cornerstones for the period 2007-2013. The introduction was given by Alexandra Deimel (Certifying Authority) and Milan Gál (Slovak Ministry of Construction and Regional Development) with a presentation of the milestones of the programming process. This was followed by an outline of the programme, its priorities and organisational structure by Martin Hutter from the designated Managing Authority. Elise Blais from Interact explained the lead partner principle, which is now compulsory and therefore one of the major novelties in the new programming period 2007-2013. Success stories from the Interreg IIIA Programme Austria-Slovakia 2000-2006 were presented, and finally Christiane Breznik (City of Vienna) gave an overview of the scope of European Territorial Cooperation in the period 2007-2013.

The Kick-Off Forum ended with a walk around the old town in Bratislava.

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