SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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Funding period 2014 - 2020

Contact: Please direct inquiries concerning the new funding period of cross-border cooperation Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020 at the following email address:

The new cooperation programme Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020 (< Download) was approved on July 28 2015 by the European Commission.

Characteristics of the
Cooperation Programme (CP) Interreg V-A Slovakia - Austria

The programme area remains unchanged and covers the following regions: On Slovak side Bratislava and Trnava, on Austrian side North and Central Burgenland (NUTS 3), Vienna and Lower Austria. Thus, the corresponding Austrian Regional Bodies and the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development the Slovak Republic (MPaRV) remain the central programme partners that frame the future programme.

The programme partners have agreed on the following topics of the future programme in accordance with the EU requirements:

Priority Axis 1: Contributing to a smart cross-border-region

IP 1b: Specific objective No 1.1.: Strengthen the collaboration of key actors in the regional innovation system in order to enhance knowledge transfer, capacity building and the establishment of common frameworks, common research and innovation activities and joint research facilities.

IP 1b: Specific objective No 1.2.: Improve higher education and lifelong learning to provide competent and skilled work force. Improve the capacity of the cross-border educational system to provide human resources knowledge and skills demanded by the regional innovation system.

Priority Axis 2: Fostering natural and cultural heritage and biodiversity 

IP 6c: Specific objective No 2.1.: Foster natural and cultural heritage valorisation. Strengthen common approaches to valorise the natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way in order to further develop the programme area as an attractive tourism destination.

IP 6d: Specific objective No 2.2.: Foster restoration and management of ecological corridors. Strengthen the cross-border integration of functional ecological networks and green infrastructures in order to preserve biodiversity and to contribute to the stability of ecosystems.

Priority Axis 3: Supporting sustainable transport solutions

IP 7c: Specific objective No 3.1.: Support environmentally-friendly transport solutions. Improve joint planning, coordination and practical solutions for an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon and safer transport network and services in the programme area.

Priority Axis 4:  Strengthening cross-border governance and institutional cooperation

IP 11: Specific objective No 4.1.: Strengthen the institutional cooperation in the cross-border area through mobilizing stakeholders and building the capacities for planning and acting in the framework of multi-level governance.

IP 11: Specific objective No 4.2.: Strengthen the cooperation between educational institutions. Strengthen the links between institutions providing pre-primary and primary education (kindergartens and primary schools) to jointly develop and implement educational programmes.

Priority Axis 5: Technical assistance

Efficient & smooth implementation of the cooperation programme.

ERDF allocation

Slovakia and the Austrian Regions involved have agreed on the financial framework of the future programme: the ERDF allocation amounts to 76 million EUR. The maximum ERDF-quota in ETC remains unchanged and amounts to 85%.

Slovakia – Austria 2014 until 2020: Schedule and milestones

In January 2012 discussions concerning the future programme were launched. Representatives of the regions involved in the expiring programme and national bodies constituted the so-called Programming Group.

Two thematic events were held on April 30 2013 in Hainburg and May 14 2013 in Senec in order to discuss the draft of the future Operational Programme 2014-2020 for the first time with a broader public of stakeholders.

In the 12th Programming Group meeting on November 6 2013 it was agreed that the Managing Authority of CBC Programme Slovakia – Austria 2014-2020 will be taken over by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic.

The bridge construction project Angern/Záhorská Ves was a crucial part of the future support programme Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020. Because the bridge construction project was rejected in the course of the public referendum in Angern in September 2014, the programme had to undergo some changes. It was decided to relocate the financial means that were budgeted for bridge constructions (about € 19 Mio within a full budget of € 75 Mio) to other projects in fields such as eco-friendly traffic solutions and mobility management, as well as the fields of natural and cultural heritage.

Irrespective of this last minute programme change, the approval of most ETC programmes was possible only in summer 2015, after the multi-annual financial framework of the EU had been changed. This change of the financial framework requires the consent of both the European Council and the European Parliament - a procedure which is simply time-consuming.

On July 28 2015, the cooperation programme Interreg V-A Slovakia - Austria has been approved by the European Commission.

The first call for project applications can be expected in fall 2015.

Member states: Partnership agreement

On the level of the member states the partnership agreement forms the basis of the operational programme. In Austria, this agreement is developed through the so-called STRAT.AT 2020-process, coordinated by the Austrian Spatial Planning Conference (ÖROK), in Slovakia the Government Office of the Slovak Republic holds the function as a central coordination unit.


Interact supports ETC programs with substantial information, offering cross-program harmonization and by coordinating in terms of questions frequently asked of the European Commission. The following paragraph of the Interact homepage is dedicated to the funding period 2014+: Interact 2014+.

European Commission: Cohesion policy regulations in force

The new rules and legislation governing the next round of EU Cohesion Policy investment for 2014-2020 entered into force after being published in the 'Official Journal of the EU' on 20th December 2013.

The above mentioned documents can be found here:

EU Regulation No. 1299 (on European territorial cooperation)

EU Regulation No. 1301 (on the ERDF)

EU Regulation No. 1302 (on European grouping of territorial cooperation)

EU Regulation No. 1303 (on common provision for the ERDF, the European Social Fund, the Cohesion Fund, etc.)

Delegated Regulation (EU) No. 481/2014 (on special rules for the eligibility of costs for cooperational programmes)

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