SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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Programme strategic objective

The overall strategic objective of the Slovak-Austrian cross-border cooperation programme 2007-2013 is to build a border region with vital, knowledge-based regional economies, socially and environmentally attractive, playing a significant role among European metropolitan regions.

The border region has the potential to become one of the economically fastest growing regions in the European Union, including two capitals at close proximity. With the highest concentration of headquarters, universities and research centres of both countries, the region has the potential and the means to build a knowledge and economic hub for Central Europe. The Programme 2007-2013 for the cross-border region shall contribute to the process of building a cross-border learning region.

The further implementation of the knowledge based economy in the border region will require paying specific attention to the following specific objectives of the programme:

  • Intensifying and enhancement of the quality of cooperation between programme-partners, in order to create and maintain the suitable and flexible cooperation networks, structures and clusters
  • Mobilisation of relevant actors from private and public sectors, coordination of their efforts and resources to ensure that supported interventions are targeted to the accom¬plishment of the defined objectives
  • The promotion of rapid economic growth while pursuing a socially inclusive develop¬ment path and putting emphasis on environmental quality
  • Full exploitation of processes and approaches leading to advanced learning capacity of individuals, organisations, communities and regions through transfer of know-how and experience.

Sustainable cooperation networks as central part of the future programme’s interventions and important feature of the knowledge-based economy represent a specific horizontal objective of the programme. The geographical scope of the cooperation is widened also to the border regions of the Czech Republic and of Hungary as the option of multilateral projects exists.

The cross-border cooperation programme between Austria and Slovakia consists of two thematic priorities contributing to the accomplishment of the strategic programme objective:

  • 1. Learning region and economic competitiveness (based on Lisbon strategy)
  • 2. Accessibility and sustainable development (based on Gothenburg strategy)

Priority 3 – Technical Assistance – has a horizontal character and is primarily focused on the effective and sound management of the programme.

The final and full version of the Operational Programme is attached in the Download section.

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