SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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The programming of the Operational Programme for Cross-border Cooperation between Austria and Slovakia in the period 2007-2013 (OP CBC SK-AT) started in autumn 2005. The process was based on the common experiences and co-operation structures established for programming periods 1995-1999 and 2000-2006 as well as new challenges for the integrated development of the border region.

The preparation of the OP CBC SK-AT was steered by the Bilateral Working Group composed of the relevant representatives of the national and regional authorities: in Austria the Länder Burgenland, Vienna, Lower Austria and the Federal Chancellery, in Slovakia the Ministry of Construction and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic, Bratislava Self-governing Region and Trnava Self-governing Region. The work of the Bilateral Working Group was supported by the external expert group and ex-ante evaluators responsible also for carrying out the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Working sessions of the group were held throughout the whole programming phase in order to ensure effective communication leading to identification of the common priorities for the development of the border region and setting up the appropriate implementing structures. Until end of 2007, in total 17 Bilateral Working Group meetings and 3 task forces took place at various locations within the programme area.

In addition to the members of the Bilateral Working Group, other relevant social and economic partners were invited to actively participate in the process of public consultation of the OP CBC SK-AT for 2007-2013. The purpose was two-fold:
Firstly, to inform the wider public on the state of preparation of the programme for the cross-border cooperation between Austria and Slovakia including indicative fields of eligible activities to be supported under the programme and secondly, to provide the public with an opportunity to express their opinions and to provide valuable inputs to the programming process. Public consultation was organised under the Strategic Environmental Assessment of the OP CBC SK-AT in line with SEA Directive and corresponding national legislations.

16. - 17. June 2010
8th meeting of the Monitoring Committee. 7 new projects were approved

13 April 2010
Annual event in Watermuseum in Bratislava
100 participants followed the invitation. Headline: "Flourishing cooperation", management of protected areas

24 March 2010
4th seminar for lead partners and project partners
All project partners of the 7 approved projects were present

14. - 15. December 2009
6th meeting of the Monitoring Committee of the cross-border cooperation programme Slovakia - Austria 2007-2013 in Burgenland. 7 new projects were approved

15. - 16. October 2009
3rd seminar for lead partners and project partners
130 participants attended the 3rd seminar in the Town Hall in Vienna. 14 projects were approved

18 September 2009
Annual event in Trnava
Approximately 90 representatives of public and private organisations attended the event. Under the headline "Joint perspectives of communities and regions" experiences with cross-border cooperation were analysed and developed

18. - 19. June 2009
5th meeting of the Monitoring committee
14 new projects were approved

15. - 16. April 2009
4th meeting of the Monitoring committee
Project selection in Trnava

17. - 18. February 2009
2nd seminar for lead partners and project partners
About 45 representatives of lead partners, project partners and the programme management were present. The regional body as well as the financial control of Vienna and Slovakia were introduced

4 December 2008
Annual event in Ceremonial Hall of the Town Hall in Vienna
About 200 participants from public as well as private organisations followed the invitation. Along the lines of "creating the future" new innovative ideas for cross-border cooperations activities were discussed

7 October 2008
Lead partner seminar in Vienna
More than 50 representatives of the first level control, regional bodies and the Joint Technical Secretariat were given important information on how to successfully start their projects

12. - 13. June 2008
First meeting of the monitoring committee; objective is the selection of the applications; result: 8 applications are approved

10 March 2008
The opening of the call for applications
Complete applications will be accepted by the Joint Technical Secretariat until 7th April and submitted to the Monitoring Committee for the first selection on June 12. - 13.

20 December 2007
Approval of the programme by the European Comission

22 November 2007
Submission of the final version of OP to the European Comission via SFC 2007

3 September 2007
Start of the JTS

10 July 2007
Statement of Admissibility by the European Comission

29 June 2007
Submission of the Draft OP via SFC 2007

19 June 2007
Kick-off meeting for the programme

20 October 2005
1st Bilateral Working Group “Preparation for the Programming Period 2007-2013” meeting: overall strategic approach, identification of key issues/challenges, draft action plan and methodology, technical assistance

creating the future