SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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There is an open call for proposals, project applications can be submitted any time.
The application pack is available in the Downloads section of this homepage. It consists of the application form, annexes, and a guidance for applicants.
Optionally, a two step application process can be chosen, consisting of the submission of a draft application followed by the full application. The date of the official registration of the draft application by the JTS is also the date the eligibility of expenditures begins (if and only if the project is selected for funding later on). For both options the same application pack is applicable, the mandatory fields for the draft application are highlighted and documented in the guidance for applicants.
It is strongly recommended to consult the Regional Bodies and/or the JTS during the development phase of the project.
For the submission of the project application the Lead Partner is required to deliver one signed paper copy and one identical electronic version of the application form and its annexes.

creating the future