SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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Project selection

The overall aim of the assessment process is to select only those projects that are eligible for the assistance from the operational programme having the highest potential to contribute to the achievement of the programme objectives and offer the highest added value in the context of social, economic and environmental development of the border region.
All correctly submitted full applications (no draft applications) take part in the selection process. The selection of projects for funding consists of a structured assessment process. The assessment process consists of three distinctive phases, each of them using a specific set of criteria: 1. Formal Check, 2. Eligibility assessment and 3. Quality assessment.

Formal and eligibility criteria
The first step in the assessment of project applications is a formal check of the technical correctness and completeness of the application, i.e. whether the correct form has been used, whether the application is bilingual, and all required information including annexes is included. Formal criteria are no k.o. criteria, if missing information is delivered by the applicant in due time the application can remain in the ongoing selection process.

Second step is the eligibility assessment. The eligibility criteria can be summarized under the following four categories:

  • Relevance (to the aims of the programme)
  • Cross-border dimension
  • Compliance with relevant legislation
  • Financial table: calculation is correct, in accordance with the eligibility rules, and – if needed - the required evidence has been delivered

Most eligibility criteria are k.o. criteria for this round of collection, i.e. if criteria are not met the project has only the chance to participate in the next round depending on the need for clarification.

For reasons of timing the eligibility check might be started in some cases in parallel to the formal check (in particular if requests for Annexes or additional documents are still pending).

Quality criteria
Only formally complete applications eligible for financing from the programme will be subject to a quality assessment. A number of criteria is being checked, which can be assigned to following categories:

  • Project contents’ compliance with the objectives and requirements of the programme*
  • Clear and realistic definition of methods, management and organization
  • Budget transparency, consistency with activities and economic effectiveness
  • Regional relevance*
  • Fulfillment of the cooperation criteria*
  • Cross-border relevance of the partnership
  • Project impact on the cross-border region*
  • Provisions for sustainability, joint use, synergies

* 4 quality categories are k.o. criteria. A project failing to fulfil the respective category will not be selected in the ongoing round (i.e. either rejected or put on hold).

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