SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future
SK-AT 2007-2013 - creating the future

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Joint Secretariat (JS), members of the team and contacts

The Joint Secretariat

The Joint Secretariat supports the Managing Authority in setting up and implementing the procedures to run the Programme in compliance with the requirements of the European Commission. The JTS also provides technical support to project partners and applicants.

In Vienna:

Address: Schlesingerplatz 2-4

1080 Vienna

Fax    +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2599

In Bratislava:

Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic

Department for the Management of Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes

Prievozská 2/B

825 25 Bratislava


Andrea Kasanicka Kostolná (on maternity leave)

Programme Manager

Tel   +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2501

Andrea studied linguistics and social pedagogic at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She complemented her regular studies at the University of Bonn and Tübingen and afterward with a post graduate diploma in international relations at the Law Faculty in Bratislava. She has worked for the public administration in the framework of pre accession Programme Cross Border Cooperation PHARE at the Office of Government of SR, at the National Employment Office and also in the framework of European Social Fund management at the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of SR. Her professional interest lies within the development, implementation and management of cross border cooperation and the Human Resources Programmes. Andrea took part in European training Programmes such as the Internship Programme at the German Bundestag and in the European summer school in Alpbach.

Within the team of Joint Technical Secretariat of Cross Border Co-operation Slovakia - Austria 2007-2013, Andrea works as Programme Manager Coordinator. She together with the team of JTS is responsible for the overall coordination of the programme activities between Managing Authority, Regional Bodies, Final Beneficiaries and important stakeholders of the above mentioned programme.

Genia Ortis
Programme and Communication Manager

Tel     +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2504

Genia studied computer science for business administration and economics at the University of Vienna. She had project management training by Roland Gareis Consulting Vienna.

After graduating in 1995, she worked as an IT project manager for Rosinak & Partner. She was assessing alternatives of extending Vienna’s underground system, took part in managing the process of developing regional and national transport strategies and managed communication platforms for EU projects. In 2002 she worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Transportation Networks at the University of Žilina (Slovakia) and learned the Slovak language. From 2003 till 2004 Genia was a Senior Consultant in the Transportation Division of Faber Maunsell in Leeds (England). She developed travel plans and accessibility analyses using market research techniques. Back in Vienna Genia was working for Kaefer Transport Planning. She took part in environmental impact assessments and had the opportunity to get an insight into programming of national funding schemes.

Within the JTS Slovakia-Austria Genia has the role of a Programme and Communication Manager. She takes part in the successful implementation of the Programme, deals with everyday project management issues and ensures implementation of efficient information and publicity measures.

Bernhard Schausberger
Programme Manager Coordinator

Tel     +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2505

Bernhard studied spatial planning and regional science at the University of Technologies in Vienna. He started his professional career in 1991 with a series of feasibility studies for business parks including investigations on cross-border sites. From 1998 to 2007 he worked in a private consultancy firm which is mainly engaged in technical assistance for EU-funded programmes. He conducted studies and evaluations for various types of programmes such as Objective 2 Programmes, National Development Plans and the Community Initiatives Interreg and Leader+. He has been working in the framework of technical assistance projects in Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia and Serbia. Cross-border cooperation has been his work focus since 2001: he was also the programme officer for the Interreg IIIA programme Austria-Slovakia in the period 2000 to 2006.

Within the team of Joint Technical Secretariat of Cross Border Co-operation Slovakia - Austria 2007-2013, Bernhard works as Programme Manager Coordinator. He together with the team of JTS is responsible for the overall coordination of the programme activities between Managing Authority, Regional Bodies, Final Beneficiaries and important stakeholders of the above mentioned programme.

Martin Hura

Programme Manager

Tel:      +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2502


Martin studied economics at the University of Economics in Bratislava, Faculty of National Economy. After graduation in 2004 he started as a Project Manager of Projects co-financed from the EU funds at the Ministry of transport, posts and telecommunications of Slovak Republic (MTPT SR). He dealt mostly with preparation, implementation and financing of big infrastructural projects concerning construction of motorways and highways. During his occupation at the MTPT SR he was also involved in CBC projects Slovakia – Austria and Slovakia – Poland. He also worked for private consulting company as an consultant where his main task was the preparation of projects co-financed from different schemes of assistance including EU structural funds.

Martin is the member of the JTS since 1 September 2008 as a Programme and Finance Manager. He is responsible for implementation of the projects, financial management and coordination of Slovak applicants.

Alena Jereščenková

Backoffice and Monitoring Manager

Tel:      +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2503


Alena studied Conference Interpreting at the University of Vienna. Since March 2014 she has supported the Joint Technical Secretariat as a backoffice and monitoring manager.
She is responsible for communicating with applicants and project holders especially in terms of formal help with the application form. Her responsibilities also include the monitoring of technical assistance projects and the ATMOS monitoring for all projects. In addition, she is in charge of the organization of events and the overall office organization.

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Barbora Vallová

Project and Programme Manager

Tel: +43-(0)1-89 08 088-2506


Barbora finished her university studies in the field of social work, focusing on management in social work and social policy at the Comenius University in Bratislava. After completing the university studies she continued externally in postgraduate European studies at the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava. After graduating she worked in public administration in the framework of the pre-accession PHARE program, later in the domain the EU structural funds (ESF, ERDF) for the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Family and the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. She worked also for the private companies as a consultant for the EU grant programs. Over the previous professional experience she took part in processes of EU grants programming, monitoring, evaluation and implementation on the side of providers of grants and also on the side of the beneficiaries. Barbora took part in several professional training programs offered by the European Training Center and the Ecole nationale d’administration in Paris and Strasbourg.

Within the JTS team Barbora has the role of a Programme Manager thus being in charge of dedicated support for programme implementation as well as guidance for project applicants and beneficiaries.

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Jarmila Trenčanská
Project manager

Tel: +421 583 17 488


Jarmila studied Regional Geography at the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava. After graduating in 1996 she worked in the public service as a Project Manager and later as director of the PMU PHARE programme for cross-border cooperation. She participated in the implementation of the first Multi-annual Indicative Programme for Cross-border Cooperation 1995-1999 between Slovakia and Austria, she worked on programmes of trilateral cooperation between Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Austria and Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and in 1997 she worked as a national coordinator for initializing the PHARE CREDO Programme (concurrent cooperation programmes between Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland).

2002-2011 Jarmila worked as a Project Manager for the Slovak Environment Agency. She was in charge of projects in the environment protection programmes LIFE, GEF (Global Environment Facility) and ODA (Official Development Aid) as well as the project development for transnational programmes.

2012-2014 she participated on the preparation of the programme for the 2014-2020 Environmental Quality Programme for Air and Climate Protection, and represented the national body of the transnational programmes CENTRAL EUROPE and SOUTHEAST EUROPE. As a member of the Monitoring Committee on behalf of the Ministry of Environment she contributed to the preparation of the new Operational Programme for CENTRAL EUROPE.

Since July 2014, she has worked for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as a Programme Manager of the ENPI Programme for Cross-Border Cooperation between Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Ukraine from 2007-2013 and since 01 December 2015 as Programme Manager of the INTERREG V-A Programme Slovakia – Austria. As a Programme Manager, she is responsible for the preparation of the management documentation for the new funding period.

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Regional Bodies  (RB)

A Regional Body will be available in each region involved in the Programme. The regional bodies shall mainly be involved in the development, implementation and dissemination of operations. Thus, for project applicants and project partners, the regional bodies of their respective region function as a local contact providing information and support. Furthermore they shall assist the MA and the JTS in assuring the compliance of information delivery and publicity requirements and organization of information events and partner search forums.


Vienna: Petra Wallner, Email:, Tel. +43-(0)1-4000-27064
Lower Austria: Francois-Edouard Pailleron, Email:,
Tel. +43-(0)2742-9005-1412-9
Burgenland: Harald Ladich, Email:, Tel. +43-(0)5-9010-2424
Bratislava:   Michal Beniač, E-mail:, Tel. +421-(0)2-48264628

                   Lea.Karakolevová, E-mail:, tel: +421-2-48264117,
Trnava: Andrea Koláriková, Email:, Tel. +421-(0)33-5559 623

            Ida Antipovová, Email:, Tel. +421-(0)33-5559 620

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Managing Authority (MA)

For the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Slovakia-Austria 2007-2013 the City of Vienna is the Managing Authority. The Managing Authority is responsible for managing and implementing the Operational Programme. There are further tasks to be fulfilled by the MA related to the General Regulation (EC) No 1083/2006 and ERDF Regulation (EC) No 1080/2006 such as contracting the Lead Partner with an ERDF subsidy contract, informing the Monitoring Committee about any changes and comments form the EC, collection of interim and final reports, etc.

For Interreg V-A Programme Slovakia-Austria 2014-2020, the Managing Authority is at the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic. Please follow the link for further details either in >German or in >Slovak language.

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Monitoring Committee (MC)

A joint Monitoring Committee shall be set up with representatives of Austrian and Slovak key stakeholders of the cross border region. Representatives of public bodies, employment, and NGO sector shall be present in the Monitoring Committee. The MC shall be chaired by the Managing Authority and furthermore shall fulfill tasks such as to approve the application package, decide on operation changes, select operation for funding and etc.

For the list of members of the Monitoring Committee 2014-2020 click here.

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FLC - First Level Control

Contact Point of the FLC for project partners from Vienna:

Margot Hochleitner

Email:, Tel. +43-(0)1-4000-27030

Contact Point of the FLC for project partners from Lower Austria:

Alois Zink

Email:, Tel. +43-(0)2742-9005-14286

Contact Point of the FLC for project partners from Burgenland:

Thomas Grass

Email:, Tel. +43-(0)2682-704-2444

Contact Point of the FLC for project partners from Slovakia:

Vanda Borbelyová


Martin Hudzik

E-Mail:, Tel. +421-(0)908 296 582

Milan Brody


Jakub Novotný


Head of Department:
Teodor Chudý

E-mail:, Tel. +421-(0)908 296 585

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